The Banyan Tree Group, INC is a consulting group that handles a range of design and engineering concepts. We are also partnered with a builder to make sure your project is not only designed right but also built right.


Justin Kramer, the founder of Banyan Tree Group, INC, has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialty of alternative energy engineering. His master's thesis involved the design and commissioning of a state of the art off-grid building on the campus of Florida State University. The Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building blended new and old technologies to form one of the most efficient and cutting edge buildings around. He also specialized in the design of hydrogen combustion appliances.


The experience of Banyan Tree Group, INC include all sized projects, big and small, from the private residence to high rise condominiums and air force bases. These projects extend around the world making our experience is broad and complete. This experience allows us to bring your dream to life.