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    house design

    We can design your house from start to finish and even work with a contractor to have it built for you. We will provide guidance along the way to make sure that your house on paper is the home of your dreams.

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    Home Renovation

    Some houses aren't quite homes, but we can help make yours perfect. Whether its finding some extra space or helping you make your house more efficient, our broad experience can help you make the changes needed to make you more comfortable and more at home.

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    Innovative Design

    Some projects are outside the bounds of a typical house and need a engineer to bring the pieces together. We look forward to these projects and look forward to helping you turn these enigmas into eurekas.

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    3D Renderings

    Sometimes its hard to see a concept in 2D. We have the a range of offerings when it comes to 3D renderings. We can build your house in our software in its current state and then illustrate the changes, giving you a 3D feel. You can walk around the changes and get a look from different angles.

    We can also render your new house with several levels of accuracy. Basic, High Quality and Artist Rendered are the options and range in price and quality. Each can give you depth to the typical design while the higher you go the better feel you will get. Artist Rendered is like taking a picture of your house; let us bring your design out of the page.